Delicious Honey-Cake


Make 250g honey and 50g butter lukewarm.
In another dish put 3 eggs, 100g confectioner's sugar, 1 table-spoon of cinnamon, 1 tea-spoon clove and 20g potassium bicarbonate (leavening agent). Mix it well with a blender then pour it into the lukewarm honey. Mix it again then add 600g flour and knead it with your hands.
Cover it and let it rest for a day at room-temperature.
Roll it out to 2-4 mm thin, form it and put it on a baking sheet lined with aluminum-foil.
To make it shiny smear the top with 1 egg before or after baking.
In hot oven bake it hazelnut brown. (approx. 4 minutes)

Icing for decoration

To 1 egg white add carefully sifted confectioner's sugar enough to get a thick cream after stirring. (You can't use a whisk)
Put the cream in small nylon bag with a spoon, cut a hole in its corner and you can draw with it like using a pencil.

Handy tips

the batter must be prepared 24 hours before baking, but it can be done one or two weeks earlier as well.
Neither the batter nor the icing can be put in the fridge!
The batter remains clammy even after kneading it with the flour, so knead it only with one hand and with the other hand clean off the material with a dull knife.
After 24 hours the batter gets hard enough.
When making small houses or "constituents" for other forms it is worth kneading the batter a bit harder.

Rolling out:

Roll out the batter to 2-3-4 mm thickness. Roll smaller portions to have enough space on the board. First flour both sides then only the bottom to make it slip on the board Always roll the top of the ornamental box thinner, almost transparent.


Use a cake-cutter, a knife or scissors. The larger pieces are better to be cut on a baking sheet. The pieces slightly pushed on each other will hold together when baking.
The ready baked cake will keep good for long in closed foil. If it dries out it put it in a box next to water in a small bowl and it will become soft. You can put some cinnamon or clove in the water as well.


To cover larger surfaces make thinner icing, thus it spreads, flows in all directions and dries quicker in the oven.